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Qimtek’s website and team helps the custom manufacturing industry win more work from UK manufacturers

We not only rebuilt their site, we also helped give them a renewed focus

The Vision

Qimtek recognised a strong commercial opportunity: to be the leading UK online sourcing company for suppliers of custom manufacturing parts.

Our priority was to not just create a website that was clear, focused and valuable to it’s 338,689 users, we also needed to build a solution that enabled UK manufacturing buyers to simply post their projects for suppliers to pitch for.

The Journey

While the legacy .net system technically worked well for Qimtek, after 10 years the site had plateaued and the offer was diluted. Not only was no one using the site to post projects - a core ‘offer’ - Qimtek needed a much better flexible CMS and front-end design to realise their huge potential.

The answer lay in open source CMS solution, Drupal 7, which we incorporated into the .net legacy system via an API and AngularJS prototype.

We also developed an entirely new system called Drag, Drop and Source which allowed manufacturers to post their projects, stripped the content back to ensure users weren’t overwhelmed with meaningless information and created the foundations for a membership community called Qimtek Today, which will embrace peer-to-peer expert knowledge sharing.

One month after redesign

key stats and feedback

  • Visits:

    25% longer

  • Bounce rate:

    down from 65% to 50%

  • Projects:

    39% increase in projects generated

The Impact

“Qimtek now have a strong vision and a purpose. Building the new website was a key element in uniting everybody in moving forward. Five Mile helped us generate new ideas and, with Drupal, we go into the next 10 years with a renewed sense of confidence.”

Karl Wigart, Qimtek MD

The Outcome

  • For users:

    A streamlined, easy to navigate site with distinct call to actions, and the start of a significant membership community.

  • For Qimtek:

    An effective, powerful solution that means because less time is spent on customer support, there is greater emphasis on building the customer base, and therefore the business.

  • For Five Mile:

    A long-term partnership that will continue to grow as we support Qimtek develop and deliver their world-class solution.

Game Changers

Drag, Drop & Source

Buyers drag a drawing, drop it into the Qimtek project system
Manufacturers source suppliers quickly and easily, and suppliers get more buyers
Not only is it simple for users to engage with, it's also given Qimtek a new product to market and is driving projects for our members


Improve search and make it fit for purpose
Meaningful, useful returns on searches
Users spend a longer period of time exploring the site and discovering relevant information


Put the ‘user’ at the heart of the build
A more intuitive experience
Users positively engage with the site and functions

Qimtek Today

Connect and push relevant news to what a user is doing
Sharing knowledge and industry news
Users participate in, and helping build an expert community

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