Deerfoot IT Recruitment

Deerfoot are thought leaders in IT recruitment with a strong 16-year track record and they really care about their clients and candidates. We worked with Deerfoot to deliver a great looking responsive design and Drupal content management system that is designed to empower them with easy to use content publishing features, including genuinely flexible layout control through drag and drop. What’s more, we’ve used Drupal’s flexibility to create a client and candidate facing area that is designed to work alongside their existing CRM system.

The brief:

We were tasked with designing a website that would stand out in the crowd of IT recruitment websites at the same time as ensuring it is future proof, easy to maintain and very simple for the Deerfoot team to evolve the presentation of their own content.

The solution:

Drupal is a great fit for Deerfoot and we recommended Drupal because the service provided by Deerfoot is highly personal and as we develop the website, more and more features are to become more personal for end users via client and candidate login.

We also needed to use an open source platform that would offer the most flexibility for technical integrations with Deerfoot's legacy systems. These systems are built on Microsoft .net and our experience in building service-based interfaces with back-office .net systems fits well with the future development of the Deerfoot website.

One key project that is currently in progress is the development of an enriched search area for candidates where categorisation and user preference features will help candidates stay current with opportunities coming through the Deerfoot service.

We worked hard to deliver a design that feels a little different. The design is on a grid but through careful variations in the layout it doesn't always feel like it. Deerfoot's message is about being different as an agency through their unique approach to recruitment services and we wanted to create a design that delivers a message and a strong visual appeal, especially in areas of the site where the articles are more in depth.

From a content management perspective, we were keen to offer Deerfoot the advantages of having available a 'templating' architecture that can operate from publishing a simple article in just a few clicks, right through to overriding a page in order to achieve complex layouts for more engaging page presentation. All without the client having to think at all about the technical challenges of responsive layout.

The result:

A great looking responsive design that delivers simple user experience for helping two key user types to find and interact with the information they are looking for.