Capita Education Software Services. Design, Drupal development and support

With its world-class and extensive management information system SIMS, Capita Education Software Services is helping leaders and teachers to drive school improvement across thousands of UK and international schools. Capita Education Software Services also offer the Capita One product range, providing local authorities with the insight to assist them in getting interventions right first time.

The detailed and relevant content for the Capita SIMS and Capita One product range is provided at, and and the Capita ESS team require easy-to-use content management tools in order to keep their content fresh and engaging. As Drupal development partners, Five Mile helps Capita to have full control over their digital publishing.


The Capita ESS team required a content management system that would empower their content authoring and editorial team to publish digital content with ease. The system needed to be robust, secure and most importantly, be flexible enough to deliver ever-more engaging content experiences to their large audiences. It was important for Capita to find a supplier that was able to develop a long-term collaborative partnership, capable of providing expertise and reactive support.


A highly effective working partnership with the Capita ESS team has proven to be a real benefit in helping to deliver the right digital publishing tools using Drupal. By implementing the Drupal content management system, we have delivered a suite of page creation tools that meet the roles and needs of content editors.

In order to provide the design team with as much control as possible, we have delivered page creation tools that leverage easy-to-use content styleguides and truly flexible, grid-based page layout features. To compliment this flexibility we have implemented drag and drop widgets that allow reusable content and dynamic features to be easily embedded into a page.

By working in iterative steps, the objectives for each phase of design and development can be set and measured for constant improvement, allowing the Capita team to focus their resource on creating relevant and responsive web page experiences that put the end-user first.


Our partnership with Capita ESS has delivered a range of benefits including:

  • Responsive support: The support we provide to SIMS, One and Independent is highly responsive and since we are working closely with the team we are able to deliver pre-emptive support services
  • Insight and shared expertise: By working together over the longer term, the value of shared insight and expertise increases and feeds directly into improving how project objectives are planned and delivered
  • Increased efficiency: Agile project management methods allow Capita to work with us against a development roadmap that can respond to and even inform ongoing shifts in requirements
  • Engaging with the audience. Users first: By introducing user-centric design and flexible open source technologies, Capita are empowered to deliver relevant and meaningful content for their users