Audient was founded in 1997 and has become universally recognised for producing award winning, innovative products for music recording and production. The company is renowned worldwide for delivering quality, affordable products that are in-tune with users working preferences and which deliver outstanding audio quality and ergonomic elegance. We worked with Audient to carry out a full website redesign and redevelopment, transforming an outdated Drupal 5 site into a carefully crafted Drupal 6 CMS that provides Audient with incredible control over their content, especially images and media.

The brief:

The goal of this project was to greatly improve the way content is presented, especially the opportunity to showcase the stunning product imagery in order to encourage visitors to carry through on calls-to-action.

The solution:

The goal of this redesign, theming and development project was to have a great looking website that profiles Audient’s products, inclusive of video and imagery at the same time as relating it to the professional use-case case studies. The site has been live for some years now and we think it still looks great.

Key Features

  • The website includes multiple ways to generate promoted content across various contexts
  • The content managers can easily publish media and feature rich content
  • Simple video handling for the various interviews and product case studies
  • Case studies provision auto-created landing pages product by product to provide related content with media slideshows
  • Structured product presentation by section using categories as opposed to traditional hierarchical menu systems