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Following on from our DrupalCamp London talk "The Drupal Elephant in the Room: We need to get better at UX" myself and strategist Lizzie Hodgson delivered an updated version of the presentation.

We've had some fantastic feedback and interesting conversations over the past few weeks on the whole issue of Drupal UX. It's important that we keep learning from each other, and as a result, for the Drupal Show & Tell talk, we drew on a few examples of how the Drupal community is responding to the issues touched upon in the original version.

Drupal Show & Tell: Drupal Elephant in the Room video

We're keen to keep the conversation going. This is a hugely important topic, and one that we know generates a lot of passionate views and ideas. Which is good. So, take a look at the video and let us know your thoughts - whatever they may be.


Here's the video referenced in this talk for the example band website that we put together for DrupalCamp London:

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