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We’re proud to have guest blogger Karl Wigart, MD of Qimtek.co.uk, explain in his words why he chose Five Mile as their digital agency.

I come from a family that’s always been involved in information for both the manufacturing and construction industry. My grandfather started a construction business in Sweden in the late 1930s and my father followed suit. So with that kind of background, it was perhaps inevitable that I too would be involved in this line of work in one way or another!

By the mid-90s I had built the beginnings of a web system for the manufacturing industry. The business, Sub Contract UK, later became First Index, then FI Engineering before eventually becoming Qimtek Ltd.

Qimtek's offer - and platform - had stagnated. Which is where Five Mile came in.

A clear vision, but no clear path

Our business objectives were clear: Qimtek aimed to be the leading UK online sourcing company for suppliers of custom manufacturing parts. The problem was my time was stretched: not only was I the MD trying to build out the business, I was also the primary developer for the site.

These pressures inevitably had an impact. Qimtek’s platform was a legacy .net system which technically worked well, but wasn’t easy or quick to make changes to depending on what marketing we were doing. I knew we needed a better Content Management System (CMS) to sit in front of our engine to be more flexible. The CMS solution I wanted to use was Drupal. I was especially impressed by it’s large community of users and contributors, plus it’s flexibility.

But I knew I couldn’t do all of these improvements with the limited resources I had in-house. In short, Qimtek’s offer - and platform - had stagnated. Five Mile came in.

The right team for the right job

Despite Qimtek having worked with Five Mile MD, Keith Jay, on and off for a few years, we still invited pitches for the site rebuild from a range of agencies, including Drupal specialists, Five Mile. We had to make sure we got the right team.

'A lot of developers don't really understand the business or marketing drivers that are at the core of a site build. Five Mile's team do'

Five Mile’s pitch reassured and impressed us. Not only could we utilise their technology, design, product development and Drupal expertise, we knew they would immerse themselves into the Qimtek world. This proved a major motivator to choosing them.

As soon as we kicked off the project, the entire Five Mile team made sure they really understood what Qimtek were about. It wasn’t just the tech solution, but the business and user side too. It was this that makes Five Mile so compelling: A lot of developers and project managers don’t really understand the business or marketing drivers that are at the core of a site build. Five Mile’s team do.

They spent time with us, sat in our office, interviewed key people, did user journeys. Not only did they really engage with our needs, they fully understood our vision and purpose.

'Five Mile weren't afraid to ask awkward questions'

Asking, listening, challenging

One fantastic thing Five Mile did was to was to sit with each Qimtek team over a day, asking questions and listening to answers. Afterwards, my teams reported back to me that they felt Five Mile had really taken an interest in Qimtek’s aim and purpose. But it didn’t stop there. During the build period, Five Mile continued to come to the office and talk to staff directly. This showed Five Mile weren’t afraid to ask awkward questions and get answers that mattered.

Evolving, together

Regarding the future, I want to work with Five Mile and, using their experience, come up with ideas on how we can push Qimtek forward. We couldn’t do it before. Now, with the support of Five Mile, we will continue to evolve and grow, which is the most important thing for us.

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