When is a case study not a case study? When it’s a story

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As an agency, one of the trickiest tasks is to showcase work without droning on about some fandangled tech or throw in a few a tiresome buzz-tastic cliches. It’s a fine line, and one that sometimes you get right, and other times? Well, we’ve all been there: “Seamlessly right-shore flexible experiences”, anyone?

Which is why we’ve tried to take a slightly different approach to sharing our latest work for one of our fantastic clients, Qimtek.

Yes, it’s a case study (don’t yawn) and yes, we do highlight the amazing tech we used - from Drupal to AngularJS. But we’ve also worked really hard at articulating the entire journey, weaving in blogs, quotes and graphics while layering the key elements as close as possible to create a ‘story’.

To be clear, it's hardly Jackanory, but we hope to have created a case study that is accessible, relevant and informative.

We’ve even broken it into two parts - a short but sweet version for all you content snackers out there and a longer in-depth version for those who prefer full disclosure. The short case study focuses on elements such as key stats and outcomes.

Key stats and feedback

While the longer version includes more detail on specific Five Mile approaches and methods that helped invigorate the business as a whole, as this extract highlights:

Creating a platform

Either way, we hope the approach, tone and design of the Qimtek case study does it for you. This is a big departure for us and we’ll be using this style when we share more of our work in future.

We’re really proud of what we created with Qimtek but more importantly we want to share the challenges and ideas we generated along the way.

So take a look, and if you like it (or have other feedback) let us know @fivemile. We’re all ears.