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Unsure of what to expect at my first DrupalCon, I have to say I had a really good experience. Work commitments meant that I could only attend for two days which was such a shame because the sessions I got to see were excellent. One session in particular leapt out.

Delivered by Lukas Kahwe Smith and Tonio Zemp from Liip, the session titled ‘Self-managing organisations: Teal is the new orange’ has given me an incredible amount to think about, especially as a business manager who really cares about our people and how we work together.

Liip have a great philosophy and a deep sense of responsibility for the development of their working culture. Traditional business methodologies such as growth plans don’t have a place because they are restrictive. Their self management practices advocate freedoms which allow their people to excel. It’s not about roles it’s about skills and motivating team members to take responsibility because they want it, ending the parent-child management methods.

This presentation really struck a chord with me and I’m keen to explore the elements of the 'teal' model that we can adopt here at Five Mile. It’s exciting to be digging even deeper into what motivates us, what our real interests are, our creativity and how we can make the changes that will lead us to develop an even better working culture at Five Mile.

A big thank to you to all at DrupalCon who gave their time to share their insight, this newbie found it incredibly helpful and inspiring.

As an extra note, I had more than one recommendation to read ‘Drive’ by Daniel Pink and I want to make a shout-out for the following excellent sessions that I also attended:

My recommended sessions from Tuesday 22nd September 2015


Emma Jane Hogbin Westby - Reverse engineering people

Dania Gerhardt - How to diversify your business beyond Drupal

Ramon Vilar - Winning and delivering big projects from a small agency

Lukas Kahwe Smith and Tonio Zemp - Self managing organisations: Teal is the new orange