DrupalCamp London 2016: Here's what we're looking forward to!

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DrupalCamp London kicks off tomorrow and Five Mile have made the last three Camps. Why? Because each of them has proven to be a great place to make new connections in our community, share ideas and challenges and importantly, soak up some great learning through the session tracks.

There are some brilliant topics lined for DrupalCamp London. Here are a few of our personal picks that resonate with Five Mile.

Saturday March 5 Keynote, 9.30-10.20: Clifton Cunningham - CTO for TES Global

It will be interesting to hear how Clifton Cunningham is 'engineering a transformation in education' by supporting teachers. This is a subject that connects directly with the content strategy work we are involved with the Capita Children's Services team and the importance their own work plays in helping to drive school improvement. Hopefully we will be able to gain an even broader perspective through what Clifton Cunningham shares in his keynote.


Saturday: 10:50-11:35
Darren Mothersele: 'Surviving - and thriving - during the transition to Drupal 8'
Room:  B103

I am looking forward to hearing what Darren Mothersele has to say. Reading the session description, this talk could be about tackling 'some of those difficult questions' that Dries highlighted in his DrupalCon Barcelona keynote. Certainly from the perspective of Drupal 8 being an exciting project and having an exciting future, this session ties in nicely with our own session later in the day.

Saturday: 10:50-11:35
Andy Read: 'Migrating to Drupal 8'
Room: BG03

If like us you are currently involved in Drupal 8 migrations then it will be well worth checking out Andy Read's session on Migrating to Drupal 8. Andy, I'm sure we'll be there with some tricky questions to help us out of some of our blockers!

Saturday: 12:05-12:50
lauriii: 'Markup the Drupal 8 way' 
Room: BG02

This sounds like a session perfect for designers and themers. We love clean HTML and if our current experiences of theming in Drupal 8 are anything to go by, achieving well structured, clean HTML has become so much easier now we have TWIG templates driving theme output. We think this is a game changer for helping designers and themers on-board with Drupal theme creation more easily.

Saturday: 14:00-14:45
kristiaanvandeneynde: 'Group for D8: managing groups has never been more awesome'
Room: B104

Many will be holding out for the Organic Groups port but we're liking the sound of this session that will “..convince people to broaden their horizon.” I'm very keen to know more about this all-new Group for D8!

Saturday: 15:00-15:45
kjay: ‘The Drupal elephant in the room: "We still need to get better at UX"’
Room: BLG07

Shameless plug! Our own session will be presented by myself and Lizzie Hodgson and we're going to be talking about user experience - and the developer/designer parity - in Drupal and why it's so important to the future of the Drupal project. Here’s a sneaky peek of what we’re going to be talking about...

Drupal as a product

To be clear, we want this session to be a conversation and so it will be as much about presenting thoughts and ideas as it will be hearing what you have to say about this critical topic.

Sunday March 6 Keynote, 9.30-10.20: Alexis Cheshire - CIO for Scouts Association

I suspect there will be a wealth of take aways from this keynote and especially around strategy in large, well established organisations as they embrace technology - be interesting to learn how Alexis stays ahead of the curve, especially given the increasingly tech-savvy audience they have.

Sunday: 10:50-11:35
philipnorton42: ‘Becoming a Drupal Master Builder’
Room: BG02

The Drupal site builder role is of immense importance and doesn't get anywhere near the sort of air-time it probably should. So it’s great to see a session targeted at this audience.

Sunday: 12:05-12:50
tassos: ‘Create rich web stories with Drupal 8 and paragraphs’
Room: BG02

The paragraphs module is a brilliant module for the Drupal toolkit and is one of the more common ways of achieving good content field structure whilst keeping it simple for your content managers to create rich content layouts. This should be a great session to get to know this brilliant tool and how to work with it to provide a better content manager experience.

Those are our DrupalCamp London picks - but there are loads more fantastic sessions, so check them out and see you on Saturday!

About Keith:

I am owner and Managing Director of Five Mile. I specialise in business strategy as well as creative design, content strategy and user experience. I’m a developer and have been a web designer since 2000.

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