Drupalcamp Brighton 2016: Retrospective

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Building on the success of the inaugural event in January 2015, DrupalCamp Brighton came back for it’s second year and this time organisers thankfully moved it to June.

This meant that we Drupalers could not only explore the fine seaside city of Brighton, but also polish up on all things Drupal. What's not to love about that combination? So, with that in mind, here are my top takeaways from a top weekend at DrupalCamp Brighton. 


Keynote: Sociocracy and Healthy Power
by Nathaniel Whitestone

Weekend kicked off with a great keynote on a very important subject: how healthy power can empower people within circles in an organisation - rather than the typical top-down or flat management approach. As part of the talk, Nathaniel asked us to pair up and discuss where we have experienced both Healthy and Unhealthy Power in our work. A fascinating experience, for me it was food for thought on how we can all work better.

Does your customer's business have a business and digital strategy? Wait...what's the difference?
By Ben Wilding 

Interesting talk from Ben on strategy and digital. He put forward a great case study on Deliveroo, who analysed their data to find two locations in London where they couldn’t deliver food. Instead of working out how to keep food hotter for longer and deliver further, they opened a kitchen in those areas and rented it out to chefs and food companies. Who knew McDonalds are a real estate business!?

Large scale distributed search using Elasticsearch
By Ashish Thakur


I attended a talk at Drupalcamp London on Elasticsearch, which is rapidly gaining momentum. Great to see how easy it is to provide a scalable infrastructure with it. 

Using the Tour API in Drupal 8
By Tassos Koutlas 

Once we’ve finished porting our install profile to Drupal 8, I’m looking forward to using the tour module to provide contextual info to content managers.

End-to-end web security
By George Boobyer

DrupalCamp Brighton 2016

One of my favourite talks from the weekend: great explanations of how hackers attempt to compromise sites/servers, along with practical tips and resources on how to protect against them.

Object Oriented UX for Drupal
By Crispin Read  

This wasn’t what I was expecting, and in a good way! Crispin talked about how you can turn client/project requirements into objects and deliverable stories. Will definately be putting that to use in the future!


Keynote: Resilience
By Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith Drupal Camp Brighton

The keynote on Sunday was delivered by Jeremy Keith - an Irish web developer working with @Clearleft curating @dConstruct. His bio also reads: "playing music with @SalterCane, and guy behind the curtain of @Huffduffer and @SessionUpdates". Jeremy gave a brilliant overview of how HTML has grown from the lab in CERN to HTML5, yet sticks to the same core principles. I urge you to follow this man!

Automated Mac setup with Ansible
By Dan Bohea

When I commissioned Dan to provide training on VLAD, a local development tool he helps develop, I asked for a script to setup macs with the requirements. It was great to see how this has now progressed to a full setup, complete with automated testing! Bonus is you can now check out his slides from DrupalCamp Brighton...


Dan Bohea

Enterprise level Drupal
By Steve Richards

Being part of Five Mile, a ‘small’ Drupal agency, I always wonder what the ‘big guys’ are doing. This informative talk from Steve gave me insight into this, and I was pleased to see that some of the methods I’ve adopted for development here at Five Mile are the same as those used by the ‘big guys’. 

Getting down to business with Behat
By Matt Chapman

Last year at DC Brighton, Matt gave a talk on using Codeception which sparked my interest in automated testing. The real world example he gave was a brilliant way to introduce using Behat, so combined with Cameron & Wildings Behat framework for Drupal, I’m ready to expand my Behat knowledge and bring it into more projects here at Five Mile.

Drupal 8 and the Symfony EventDispatcher
By Eric Smith

Final session of the weekend, late on Sunday afternoon Eric probably had the hardest job! His talk on the Symfony EventDispatcher was superb - excellent presentation and delivery, with practical examples. Straight away I had ideas on where this could be used in our current Drupal 8 projects.

So there we have it - my top picks of what was a fantastic weekend. Big thanks to all the organisers, volunteers and speakers. Looking forward to DrupalCamp Brighton 2017 already!

About Gareth Goodwin:

I joined Five Mile in 2010 and am Lead Drupal Developer. My other expertise is in: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript developer, technical architect, test developer, server administration.