Calling all front end developers: Come and find us at DrupalCamp London!

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Calling all front end developers: Come and find us at DrupalCamp London!

We’re off to DrupalCamp London on the 5th and 6th of March. As well as running a session exploring Drupal and UX, we’re also eager to chat to front end developers. Here’s why:

The next few years are going to prove incredibly exciting - and critical - for Drupal. So it’s vital we understand that we can help Drupal grow by properly putting the end user at the heart of any Drupal build.

Here at Five Mile, we have a clear strategy to help realise this potential: We will work with the Drupal project by designing the very best user interfaces that we can create. That way we not only contribute back, we also help set the UX bar higher.

We are looking to hire people who are driven to create the absolute best user experiences, be they front end design, theming or the equally essential Drupal development that’s behind the front end interface.

But this isn’t just about great design. This is about positioning Drupal as a relevant, meaningful, competitive CMS solution. And quite simply, we need to hire people who share this vision.

So if you want to create the best user experiences, contribute back to the Drupal open source project, and help us grow as a community, then come and speak to us at DrupalCamp London on March 4th and 5th. You can tweet us @fivemile or @keithjay. Reach out and let’s chat!