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I’m really looking forward to attending the Being Human track launching for the first time at this year’s DrupalCon Dublin.

Mike Bell’s humanistic, open and honest presentation discussing Mental Health and Open Source at last year’s DrupalCon Barcelona broke the silence on themes covering psychological health. It’s reassuring to see that his talk might have lead the way for the introduction of the new Being Human track.

About DrupalCon Dublin Being Human track

The Being Human track covers a range of themes that will share learning and draws on community member’s personal and work insights and experiences around health and wellbeing. The track is advertised as putting ‘the software and tools aside to focus on the human beings who are behind it all’.

Indeed, to not have introduced the Being Human track would have been an opportunity missed: The track clearly demonstrates a cultural shift, signifying that the Drupal community is growing ever more open, connecting with and supporting its members.

The importance of being human

Work-related stress and mental health problems affect nearly every work environment. Yet as individuals, employers and work teams, we can often struggle to be open and honest about the difficulties we face.

I believe it’s vital that we create a culture in which personal wellbeing is promoted alongside the typical technical and creative topics. By doing so we can help reduce disengagement, exclusion and evolve the reputation of the community we care about.

The Being Human track leads to an emphasis placed on a shared responsibility, meaning that together as a community, we are all responsible for looking after and supporting each other.

We all want to be a part of an ever more confident and caring community, one that is actively fostering a supportive environment. And in many ways ‘moving beyond the code’ to explore personal wellbeing is an integral part of a maturing community; one that wants to grow and do so through inclusive interactions.

It’s all about doing everything we can to help those who might not ordinarily speak up or feel they are in a position to share or ‘get involved’.

DrupalCon sessions that discuss these personal topics should prove to be a great way to encourage individual expression, contribution and learning.

The Being Human track leads to an emphasis placed on a shared responsibility, meaning that together as a community, we are all responsible for looking after and supporting each other. By encouraging openness, the new track is helping to create a Drupal community that can grow in diversity through inclusion. And, as a non tech working in tech, this is very much welcomed!

The ethos of the Being Human track sums it up nicely...

“We invite you to be open, honest and proud of your human achievements. We also very much welcome your experiences, solutions and frank discussions on the tough topics that we see everyday in the Drupal community and the wider world”. DrupalCon Dublin

Leading to change

Our quality of work life benefits from our positive feelings and perceptions. Caring has a real tangible impact on a community and the same goes for how we feel as individuals at work.

The sessions covered within the Being Human track will hopefully also lead towards sustained change that can be applied across multiple Drupal organisations, change that can help drive the future development and ‘design’ of our workplaces.  

As a small Drupal agency, Five Mile has been working hard to improve our own working culture and not just in a physical sense. The Being Human track is well timed as we explore our own working practices supporting each other as a team.

So huge thanks to all who will be donating their time to share their personal insights and experiences.

Below are the Being Human track sessions I’ll be exploring during DrupalCon Dublin:

  • Bridging Communities“Learning from mistakes to make our communities stronger and more diverse”.
  • Leading Healthy Team“The knowledge economy has changed the very nature of work. Yet so many organisations attempt to apply industrial management approaches to creatives workers”.
  • Let me help you help me- the selfish empowerment of others“Letting go and not doing everything by yourself can be really difficult at times, but being a community and colleagues at work, I strongly believe it’s the only way we can move forward together”.
  • How to contribute to Drupal minus the code“Irrespective of the role we play, professionally, there are way for each of us to contribute”.

I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences of DrupalCon Dublin including insights taken from Being Human sessions in a follow up blog post. See you in Dublin!

About Sharon:

I previously worked within Adult Mental Health Services and Community Inclusion before joining Five Mile. Here I help identify and develop ideas and approaches to ensure that Five Mile continues to grow as a strong and ambitious digital agency: one that is passionate about user experience, open-source technology, community and culture.